Database Reactivation

Sales appointment opportunities for Gyms and Wellness facilities. Imagine 30+ new appointments in one month with No Advertising Spend. To good to be true right? You would be wrong…watch and learn how.

MEMbership growth using H.A.P zero Ad Cost System

numbers don't lie

Crossfit Gym

Box in Los Angeles. Reactivated old leads no shows and offered a 3 day ramp intro pass with the option to bring a friend. This campaign still ongoing.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor Rock Climbing Gym in Florida. Initiated our H.A.P system reactivated their old membership database and previous 1 day deal customers from purchased Groupon offers . 

Family Fit LA

Part of a 22 location franchise chain. This location had been dealing with no shows and lacked resources for timely lead nurturing and sales. We offered a 10 Day Pass and they upsold appointment shows to memberships.

KickBoxing NJ

Kick Boxing Gym franchisee located in New Jersey . Issues with offers and lack of appointment shows from Groupon offers and direct mail campaigns. Tripled their new monthly membership sign up rate and continue to growth to date.


Yoga Studio

Owner was spending $2500 p/m management plus advertising spend with another ad agency for about 5 months. Sent them plenty of leads but only a total of 27 turned into new memberships in that time. Within 2 weeks implementing our H.A.P system they signed up 33 new members with an avg. life time value of $1,000 each.

Does Your business Qualify for H.A.P

must haves


Been In business at least 1-2 years. You have a sales process and script to acquire new members.


A database of leads, no shows or old members that have moved on. At minimum we need their first name and phone number.


Proven offer to promote your business. Or willing to let us dig in and research what's working and build one out for you.


Ability to bring on new members with the intention for continued membership growth and acquisition.


You know the dollar value of a new member. Have a clear understanding of your members lifetime value.


Willing to keep an open line of communication with us. What we can measure, we can improve on. A written or recorded testimony is appreciated.

a little bit

about how we got here

The High Level ROI Program was built as a necessity to create a marriage of tools and software we had been using to create automated lead generation and nurturing follow up systems for our clients. 

Even though clients would agree to respond and follow up with new sales opportunities (within 5 -15mins) leads in real time it tends to never go as planned. We get it and It’s understandable, you are busy doing a 1,000 other things daily and following up quickly with prospects isn’t a top priority. 

After many calls like “the leads are bad” or “we got 40 leads but only had 6 shows for their consultation.” We had to either take a hike and find a new client or  book the calls and follow up with the leads ourselves.

So we invested and built out a system to take that off our clients hands. We call it F.U.N (follow up and nurture)

As a direct result we automated 90% of the follow up and nurturing process and in doing so we increased appointments show rates by 40-70% in many cases. 

We also discovered we could use the same system with old databases those lost prospects, leads that were missed or they where too busy, forgot about your offer or in most cases never followed up in time with or nurtured into showing up.

So H.A.P (Hidden Assets Program) system was born. The beauty of H.A.P is we can present an offer to these inactive prospects without spending a dime on new advertising.

Money Back performance Guarantee

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